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19, Dublin based media student in NCAD. All the material here is my own unless otherwise stated. Enjoy!

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A video I made with my friends for their #IceBucketChallenge. It’s a shot for shot parody of SNL’s ‘Dear Sister’ video. Please reblog to raise awareness for ALS/MND and don’t forget to donate! (texting ‘MND’ to 50300 donates €2 if you are in Ireland, visit if you live elsewhere!)

#Slitscan #selfie #eyebrows
I became Chuck Close for a brief moment in time.
Knope. I can’t draw hair. 

Ice Bucket Challenge.

Please donate and raise awareness for ALS/MND, it’s a great cause!

The guy in the back just makes this photo.
Sense @The Academy
Started this last night, should be finished pretty soon.
These kids show some serious skill at Bushy Park Skate Park
stuffbythisguy 5-0
stuffbythisguy do a trick
My brother just arrived home after a month in Paris and handed me a pile of used metro tickets and watercolour paints. His intention was for me to make art with them so I put this together really quickly. There’s 65 other tickets so I’ll do some more art with them soon
A poster I designed for GANGS’ “Back to School” tour this year. It’s been great working with these guys
Sense @ The Academy, Dublin