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19, Dublin based media student in NCAD. All the material here is my own unless otherwise stated. Enjoy!

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getting smashed.

This week I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of the Ireland issue  (which went live yesterday) of the online magazine Literary OrphansIt is a fantastic website which publishes essays, short stories, and poetry, combining each post with a piece of visual artwork by one of their featured artists. I was lucky enough to be one of four artists featured in this issue, so please take a look and enjoy. They also managed to fit in a sneaky interview!

Lillehammer - 2009
Lillehammer - 2009
A re-edit of the raw file from a photo I took a few years ago

A few shots from Thursday of NCAD Rag Week 2014

Highlights from the Rose of NCAD 2014

shoes and feet

hand fractals at sense